Lloyd’s List at Posidonia

The Lloyd’s List team at Posidonia 2010

Our senior editorial team have decamped to Athens this week in order to lead the Posidonia news agenda and infiltrate the Piraeus party circuit. Come and join us at stand B215 or contact us directly.


Tom Leander


Editor, Tom Leander




Nigel Lowry


Greece Correspondent, Nigel Lowry 




Liz McCarthy


Markets reporter, Liz McCarthy




Richard Meade


Deputy Editor, Richard Meade




Janet Porter


Chief reporter, Janet Porter




Join us at at stand B215

LLOYD’s List is once again going to be attending the Posidonia exhibition and we would be delighted to welcome everyone to stand B215.

This year’s event is particularly special for us as it offers an opportunity to show off our new look paper and web editions offering more news, analysis and commentary.

The changes feature enhanced readability and access to information, allowing analysis to flow more directly from the news. Underlying the changes are simplicity of navigation, coherence in subject, and a dedication to covering maritime commerce in all its facets. We aim to cover the totality of shipping without losing sight of specific sectors, markets and dominating trends.

The lifecycle of a shipping investment decision is extraordinary because it occurs over such a long timespan. The variables that drive business decisions straddle long- and short-term concerns, economic and regulatory change, and shifting patterns of risk. It follows that this industry lends itself to analysis with a surer fit than almost any other major business.

News will still dominate the front of Lloyd’s List. This week our senior editorial team have decamped to Athens in order to lead the Posidonia news agenda, but their coverage will join the usual daily news pages covering all major sectors and written from the List’s London, European, and Asian and US bureaux.

We have also added a page for opinion in the new format to showcase our expert editorial comment and will run a daily Industry Viewpoint, where we invite opinion from all industry sectors.

This page will include a daily sampler of industry voices in the form of a Maritime Blogspot, a forum for free-wheeling commentary from individualists, provocateurs and working mariners.

Our standard-bearer offerings and the new additions will be available on the new, easy-to-navigate website, which is packed with content and features, a new commitment to deliver the news as it breaks.

We hope you enjoy the redesigned Lloyd’s List and look forward to hearing your comments this week at the Lloyd’s List stand.